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  Weekly Schedule

Mon 07/27
07:00 PM The Vine
Tue 07/28
Wed 07/29
Thu 07/30
Fri 07/31
Sat 08/01
07:30 PM Vespers
08:00 PM Bible Study
08:30 PM Midnight prayer & praises
Sun 08/02
08:30 AM Liturgy
11:30 AM Cornerstone
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This I Dream Campaign

What do you dream of? What gets you passionate? What moves your heart? We are starting a new campaign in Cornerstone where each one of us gets to share a dream they have. Learn more at http://stpaulchicago.com/ThisIDream/ and send us your dream at cornerstone@stpaulchicago.org

Ladies Retreat

August 28th & 29th. All ladies 21 & older are welcome to join us @ St Mary of the Lake, Mundelein. Our spa themed activities and talks will take you on a journey through the Psalms. Details & registration online: stpaulchicago.org/womenretreat

Coptic World

Is a great way to be connected to the Coptic community world wide. Church news, articles, press announcements and much more are just some of the benefits of subscribing to this web site (www.copticworld.org).. HH Pope Tawadros II is encouraging everyone to be connected through this site. Your input for a survey that will come out on July 27th on why people leave church would greatly be appreciated.

Soccer Fellowship

Join us for fun and soccer at the Manchester United vs Paris St Germaine game July 30th. Cost $97 each, limited tickets available.Contact Zak Messieha ga4dds@yahoo.com
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